Margaux and Alice

Moving at an early age from ideas to implementation, with a professional baccalaureate in couture, the designer honed her craft in the best fashion design studios and the finest fashion houses in Paris, London and New York.
Margaux gained real know-how at prestigious names such as Balenciaga, Oscar de la Renta and Lanvin.


Margaux’s bespoke designs – which are bold and timeless in equal measure – were a dazzling word-of-mouth success and the designer created her brand in 2015. Her first capsule collection of semi-custom dresses was immediately spotted by Maria Luisa, who showcased her designs in her highly coveted Bridal Concession in Printemps department store.


Since then, collection after collection, Margaux has been designing unmistakably “couture” dresses, dreamt up in her Parisian studio and made in France. Through her relentless work on materials and never-ending quest for perfectly falling lines, she sculpts sensitive designs for the contemporary bride.


In 2016, her sister Alice joined her to develop the brand.
Margaux Tardits is now winning over brides from many cities around the globe. Confident, free-spirited women who are looking to celebrate the best day of their life with style and glamour – that incredibly French blend of charm, sophistication and naturalness that subtly shakes up convention.