Margaux Tardits & Flair

Margaux Tardits & Flair are joining forces in a unique partnership.

Together they have created a civil wedding outfit that reflects their personality: feminine, elegant and imbued with freedom!


The brand’s inimitable style, imbued with freedom, nonchalance and joie de vivre, immediately caught Margaux’s eye. This was all it took for the designer to take inspiration from the bodies’ backless style and ultra-feminine necklines to create the first Margaux Tardits “civil ceremony” outfit!

The brand’s creator, Clémence Wurtz, was also already secretly thinking of teaming her bodies with wedding dresses…


Flair is a young French brand specialising in ready-to-wear bodies that was launched in October 2017. Its aim is to allow women to express their freedom without turning their back on femininity. The days are long gone when you had to adjust your top every time you moved!

Flair bodies are produced exclusively in France. From the materials through the packaging to the labels, everything comes from Troyes, one of the historic cradles of the French textile industry.


The next logical step could only be an outfit composed of a Flair body and a Margaux Tardits short skirt, designed exclusively for this collaboration.

The elastane cotton body is knit in Troyes. It features an invisible tanga finish and fastens with imperceptible press studs.

Designed in the House’s Parisian workshops, the wide-pleated skirt is crafted in silk gazar, falling in irresistible style.

Wedding season has begun! Long live the Margaux Tardits & Flair bride: bold, free and radiant!

Our skirt, which comes in sizes 36 to 42, will be available for sale in April at €480.

Our Skirt is available at our Showroom (36 to 42 – 480€)

You can buy it on Flair e-shop, same for the bodysuit (34 to 38 – 165€)

No adjustment can be done at our atelier.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question